Posted 21st Dec 2022
My EE contact is due upgrade next week, had a look online and offers seem poor. Has anyone negotiated a decent deal with EE recently?
(my location dictates has to be EE as all other networks are rubbish data speeds)
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    I requested my port code during black Friday week and talked about Vodafone deals but they didn't offer me anything better than my current deal I think mainly as I use BT sport's and maybe they want to raise the price for that

    Think I am on about £23 pm for 200gb plus bt sport but screen.
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    What you mean SIM only? You want to change from a device contract to SIM only or already SIM only? I have some only myself and it's cheap, about £12 per month with 10gb data., I wouldn't expect them to make it any lower to be fair. They get their money from you have a device so they charge more.
    Device to sim only 
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    I'm paying about £18 per month with EE (after yearly increases) for 160GB. My contract has ended so would like to negotiate a better deal but don't want to lose the free EU roaming that I'm getting with my current contract (edited)
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    I settled for Unlimited minutes/texts 5GB data ( I can gift 100GB from other sim ) , Apple music 12 month contract £8 per month.
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