EE vs Three: inclusive roaming quality

    Hey guys...

    I'm stuck in between Three and EE, deciding which one of them to cancel.

    I need to know from those of you who have travelled with those, especially if with both.

    Question really is how good is the service abroad from one over the other? I have had Three for a couple of years, but it seemed to always barely work in Indonesia, and yet was perfect in Poland.

    The major issue is usually painfully slow data abroad.

    So far when I took both to Poland, Three was a lot better - getting 10mbps speed, vs EE getting 3mbps.

    I want to know of anyone's experience with those in different countries, as I've heard EE does not work at all in Lithuania for example.

    Any info appreciated!


    where do you plan to travel in the next 2 years? if you plan that out then look at what frequency is for each country would help you...

    ? Roaming provided by local providers not by EE or Three. They just got agreements with them so both providers will have same call quality and speeds


    ? Roaming provided by local providers not by EE or Three. They just got … ? Roaming provided by local providers not by EE or Three. They just got agreements with them so both providers will have same call quality and speeds

    ​Three are capped at 3g only and feel slower than that - Vodafone 'claim' that they provide full 4g speeds when using their red roaming...

    Used 3 extensively abroad and never had any issues. If you can get the £19 per month unlimited everything with 3 then you're laughing.

    I had ee in Cyprus on cyta voda and mtn. It was alright but I got Vodafone red and that was true speeds that local sim users have.

    I understand that it is not true that each network offers the same quality of roaming.

    Whatever deal Three has with foreign providers definitely involves severe throttling. I have a friend who travels all over the world and he swears by Vodafone when it comes to roaming. He also has Three and EE contracts which he uses for roaming - to give him some flexibility - and he says that Three are far and away the worst. I guess the fact that they charge absolutely nothing for this perk explains that though, since they obviously aren't giving the foreign networks much money for using their bandwidth.

    By contrast he reckons that Vodafone have given him speeds abroad that are as good as the best he's got on EE in this country.

    I suppose you get what you pay for. I wonder if EE speeds will start to slow when used abroad now that they offer free 15GB allowances with some contracts. Whichever you go with, in some instances the data speeds should be perfectly usable. Hopefully.
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    Vodafone have the best roaming speeds in my experience.

    3 Indonesia have a 2/3G network for [email protected], 4G is not included, you have to choose 3G and lock out 2G. 3Indonesia is one of the few 3 sisters with 2G access, lock it out and speeds should rise, seeing '3' signal on a handset there is not like 3UK as 3UK have no 2G internet access (but in very few places UK wide 3 allow EE 2G roaming access for calls/text)

    I've used Vodafone, EE and iD in the Canary Islands. Vodafone was the best for speed and latency. EE was the worst.

    I would guess that Vodafone would be the best as they tend to have more big corporate customers. I have both Vodafone and 3 (my personal phone), and of the two, Vodafone is the far better roaming experience.

    Original Poster

    So I've just returned from Amsterdam road trip. Tried EE and 3 - EE was okay, but didn't get a chance to do an actual speed test.

    Three on the other hand did not work at all. Even if they say that the feel at home is designed for social networking etc, messenger took ages to load messages, and never managed to download a single image.

    Navigation thru Waze was barely possible, with 5 minute wait for it to find a destination
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