Eee PC XP to Linux? is this an easy task?!!

    Hey all,,

    I have an eee pc with xp on it, and I want to try linux, is this a hard task?

    And does anyone know what I need to do. ??

    rep waiting. !!


    isn't there an easy way to restore the pc back to linux... when its booting?


    If your not used of Linux try leaving XP on it and use a USB stick with Linux on it to boot from.
    Here's a tutorial on making an Ubuntu bootable USB:…ll/

    Then if you like it you could always wipe the eeepc and install Linux

    Here's the Ubuntu eeepc community page:…ePC

    Hope it helps

    Linux is practically impossible to work.....especially on the ps3 or Eee PC..:whistling::p
    Kidding aside yellow dog linux is very user friendly and very speedy. :thumbsup:

    don't forget to memorise every episode of star trek!

    The Ubuntu pendrive install links above are somewhat out of date

    For a non persistent install ( meaning that no changes are saved ) see

    For the persistent install ( meaning that any changes will be saved i.e. bookmarks , new app. installations etc.) see

    note that both of these methods mean that you can boot to ubuntu from a memory stick without effecting your Windows installation, so you can try it out and switch back to XP if you don't like it.
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