EEEPC 701 4g XP: Overclock to 900mhz VS 2GB Ram Upgrade

Found 24th Oct 2008
Hello one and all, im after giving my EEEPC a little tune up on the hardware front.

Im currently using a Nlited Version of XP Pro, stock 512mb Ram, No Page File and Temp folder has been moved to SDHC class 4 8gb card.

What is a better idea, overclocking the CPU to its native 900mhz or spending a little money and upgrading the RAM to 2GB?

Answer and reasoning would be appreciated...
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You can't really call it overclocking since it's underclocked to begin with!

Download eeectl and tinker, battery life will suffer though there will be a noticeable improvement.
do both. i have eeectl on my gf's eee running it at 900mhz and installed 1gb ram. It makes a nice difference. Seeing as eeectl is free anyway i see no reason as to why you wouldnt have it.
It might be a waste of money putting 2GB in this system because your system may not need it . Some of the older systems are only upgradable to 1GB. Obviously you can 2 in it, but it probably doesnt need it. My friends laptop is a dell latitude 610 or 620, anyway i read on the net that its only upgradeable to 1GB max. Maybe you should google yours, might save yourself a few bob. If you need 512mb DDR2 sdram i got a spare brand new if you want.
Well increasing the CPU to 900Mhz will decrease it's already short battery life so I wouldn't do that, I don't know if the ram will affect it but if it's just higher density it hopefully won't have that much of an effect.
Looks like you're running the same setup as me, mate.

My XP is n-lited to hell and I'm still in the process of tweaking it perfectly for my EEE 701. Not messed with overclocking just yet, though I do have eeectl on there, will be trying it out next week.

How many secs is your eee taking to boot up under XP now?
Because i'm still faffing with my first USB multiboot installation its not that snappy about 30sec including 1sec grub delay... rubbish

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