EFH Broadband?

    Hi there

    just wondering if anyone has heard owt about this company?

    they seem to offer a good package for a non-12 month contract (fee applies if cancelling within 12)

    i'm probably going to move within a year so i'm looking for an unlimited 512kb service (i can only get 512 due to distance from exchange, bah!)

    i'm currently with package 2 which is 17.99 for 6gb with no contract, and they don't charge any fees if moving/cancelling within 12 months


    I've never heard of them, but there's a comparison site with ratings here:

    UK Broadband Comparison

    Might be of some use.

    Good Evening Pilot

    I use to be with EFH from the the start when they use to be a reseller.

    Then I use pay 9.99 for 512k and it wass the cheapest i could find. They were some problems!!!!! outage etc

    Since then they have improved to be a ISP'er and I would say they are much, mucn improved ISP'er.

    NOw I am with UKonline who provide me 1meg at 9.99 invl' of vat because of umbundling!!!! unlimited.

    I wish best of luck.

    try following


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