Egg Money

    How would you know if you have been rejected for Egg money?

    I have applied for an Egg money card and its been 3 weeks now and i still havent got any message from egg through email or through their site.
    Should i follow it up or assume that i have been rejected and just move on? Im really interested in their 1% cashback though. :-(

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    hi, when i applied for one, i filled in everything and when i tried to log in with username and password it wouldnt let me, so i left it a few days and nothing came so i phoned them and it had been ok'd but because i hadnt (couldnt) log in it hadnt been done as apparently you need to sign in once all done and tick their agreement form, so sorted new password out on phone, signed in ticked box and card then came a few days later.

    hope all that made sense :oops:
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