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Found 1st Feb 2011
can anyone recommend an egg poacher either the individual one or a pan
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i bought the cookworks argos 4 egg poacher last week on sale and it worked beautifully. they dont have proper instructions with it. you just need to butter or oil the non stick cups and put the lid on. the eggs are poached in a couple of minutes when the water starts boiling. it think it was 4.99
we got the silicon ones but you only get 2 in a pack-small to store and easy to use-ours were from amazon dont know the make but one is yellow and one white and they look like half an eggshell.
I just crack the eggs straight into simmering water in a normal pot. Give them about 90 seconds to 2 minutes and they're perfectly cooked. You don't need special poachers.
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use cups or mugs! grease the inside of the cups, sit them gently in the pan of water so the water doesnt boil over the cup edges. works perfectly, no poacher required and stops the watery taste of poached whites.

Also, egg poacher pans don't poach. They coddle, as above.
that clingfilm link is awesome, thankyou!
will tru this Thanks
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