eGlobal Central for camera lens - safe bet to buy from?

Found 10th Jan
I'm looking to buy a camera lens and one that's not particularly cheap (Canon 85mm f1.8 if interested.) I've seen a few deals from eGlobal Central on here but has anyone ever had any issues returning goods to them? I presume at the price it'll be a grey import which I'm okay with, as long as if there is a warranty issue I've got some comeback.

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eGlobal Central is a very devisive retailer on here. A bit like marmite.
I would just say proceed with caution and don’t spend anything that you can’t afford to lose.
Personally I would avoid and pay the extra to a uk retailer for added protection, but then again I don’t like marmite.
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I got a camera from eglob I'd go for it

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Hmm. On the one hand, it's a fair chunk less (£240 vs. £327) but on the other if anything goes wrong, there's little comeback.

Think I'll give it a miss and look at a UK retailer. All the major ones sell the lens (Currys/JL/Amazon etc) but none seem to have any useful discount codes going right now. But I suppose that's standard for lenses.

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