Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Hi, after some considerable digging and calling around couriers, I have found out (possibly) why perhaps a good portion of Eglobal Central orders don't ever turn up, despite practically being on your doorstep (in UK with courier).
I was told this happens hundreds of times a week.
Turns out it's a suspected scam - couriers words, not mine.

I ordered a phone from them, 3 days later it was with the UK courier (13ten) and I was getting ready for my delivery......
Time passed day by day and the tracking never moved, it was in the UK, but not with me. Eglobal have come back with 4 replies now all about filing claims, but without a word about helping me.
So it works like this (the scam, if it is), it seems to be largely insured parcels that this happens too, according to the courier.

1.You place order, pay with credit card or Paypal (so you're insured right?) then you pay the insurance too, it's only a couple of quid so you'd be a fool not too.

2.Eglobal dispatch a 'parcel' , now this is where the fraud starts... the couriers believe there is either nothing of value, or something other than the content making it feel like there is your item inside, but they suspect it could be something of no value, ie, they haven't even sent a phone. Eglobal mess up the shipping label somehow leaving the courier unable to deliver it (even as it turns out with phone numbers and correct address on!) so it gets sent back to Eglobal - BUT and it's a big BUT, that service is NOT tracked, even by the courier, and takes around 16 days.

3. You claim on your card or through Paypal and eGLOBAL (Tobydeals group) claims on YOUR postal insurance and pockets it, letting your claim with Paypal or with the credit card company go to through so you get a refund too - there is little chance of Paypal or the credit card company getting the money back through the normal routes as Eglobal is in China, so it's either written off by Paypal/Credit card and they claim through their insurance. Also they have so much money going through them from Eglobal and Tobydeals group, they won't stop it anyway.

4. Eglobal possibly never sent a phone, so they are up a phone and your insurance.

5. Eglobal possibly laugh all the way to the bank.

This obviously can't be proved so take it with a pinch of salt. I wonder if it will even be allowed on here by the mods - I just thought it was worth sharing the info - make of it what you want. If it is a scam, it's a nice little earner.
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