eh??? where did my post go?…b-/

    Any mods able to tell me?
    Bit confused as I can't see that this was a double post ...



    send the mods a message asking why

    Original Poster

    hoping one will answer here ...

    more likely get reponse if ask direct as well

    Original Poster

    About a month ago, I asked a question of a mod on something a bit more serious, and didn't get much joy .... can I really expect a reply to this???
    But yeah, might ask direct too if no mod pops in here to put me out of my misery ....


    I've just checked for you melissab & your post was spammed as a duplicate of this existing post :…sh/

    I think the invites are updated as they can each only be used so many times, but it's best to keep the newer links in one thread as they all cover the same offer period & T&C's, thanks :thumbsup:

    Maybe it was correctly expired or spammed as a duplicate? It's more polite to post in the thread a few mins before actually expiring or spamming so as to communicate to others why you are doing so. Also, put bluntly, some people get off on spamming or expiring others' threads'.

    Happened to a DVD deal I posted the other week - then found someone posted it several days after me and had gone hot.
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