Eight calming sounds for bedtime - each is 8 hours, free to use & download

Posted 9th Nov
Suggested for your little ones, but I found some of these perfect for me too! Slept like a baby to the sound of rainfall

Free, each with 8 hours runtime... worth a shot if you have trouble nodding off. Or you could always put these to work on your little ones!

What is Calming Sounds?

Calming sounds is a brand new collection of audio on CBeebies Radio designed to help your little one relax.

There are eight sounds to choose from which allows you to experiment and find which one works best:

Waves, birdsong, rain, car journey, spaceship, white noise, pink noise and brown noise.

How can I find the calming sounds?

The collection of sounds is available on the CBeebies website each night, or you can save this page to your home screen to use whenever you like. You can even download the sounds for free using the BBC Sounds app, which means you can use them at any time - even if you don't have an internet connection.

Benefits of Calming Sounds

  • Claire Benton, Head of Audiology, Nottingham:

“Many children find these sounds relaxing and listening to them can help a child feel calm enough to fall asleep.

Having relaxing sounds on in the background can also hugely help those children with tinnitus or sensitivity to sounds.

The quiet around bedtime can make it difficult to manage your tinnitus, feeling anxious or stressed about not sleeping can make it worse – so listening to quiet, relaxing sounds can be a big help.

For children who are sensitive to sounds, having relaxing sounds on can ease anxiety and there is emerging evidence that having them on all night can help ‘re-set’ the auditory system over time.

Having these sounds available so easily is a fabulous resource for families.”

  • Dr Anna Weighall, cognitive developmental psychologist:

“We naturally cycle through light and deeper sleep and have moments close to waking during the night.

Usually we don't notice these and fall back to sleep - but if the environment has changed between falling asleep and these lighter sleep phases this can then trigger a wakeful response which can be problematic.

Playing calming sounds could get round this issue if a child tends to fall asleep listening to audio.”

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Relaxing White Noise
"White Noise Black Screen | Sleep, Study, Focus, Soothe a Baby | 10 Hours"
(2 May 2018)

"By popular request, here is one of our most soothing white noise sounds featuring a black screen.

This relaxing white noise is great for helping you sleep, study, focus or soothe a baby. With the black screen, you'll benefit by keeping the room dark while sleeping, saving battery life, reducing data usage and not having to worry about screen burn-in. Sometimes the key to relaxation is to keep it simple

Block out distractions and create a peaceful ambience with this 10 hour video. Let us know in the comments if you would like to see other dark screen videos featuring different ambiences such as rain, fan or space sounds..."
I use the echo dot and the lullaby’s skill and it plays all night without hogging much bandwidth as you dont need the video on all the time. Just my opinions.
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