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Hi I have purchased the elc happyland train station and zoo. With the safari adventures pack and happyland heros. However I am looking at returning and buying toot toot sets. My little boy is 1 on 12th Jan so want to get some older toys for him to play with though out the year.
Does anyone vouch for either of these? Or should I spoil him and get him both sets? Although I don't really fancy turning my living room in to a miniature town.. lol

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I would return the ELC train set and buy the V tech one instead that way if you want to buy more stuff in the future you're not restricted to only ELC and usually the V tech Toot Toot stuff is on promotion somewhere.
OK thank you for your help!
I have both, one at home and one at his grandparents, both purchased for his first birthday. Both have lots of positives. The elc train was far better when he was younger as he just pulled the toot toot sets apart. Now he's 21 months he's more interested in his toot toot. They are both loud, though toot toot more (you do get used to it). Elc train was much easier for him to do alone at first. Either is a good choice in my opinion.
We went with vtech as there will be more to 'add' to it as they bring out different variations. I think happyland is nice though as you get the mini figures for imaginative play. maybe a mix of both? that way family can buy either and expand his collection?
Toot Toot sets are very good, crazy noisy when your child turns all the cars on at the same time but really great fun and imaginative
Thank you so much for your replies! maybe I will get him a mix of both. I suppose he could use the happyland people to play with others and visa versa. Think I will return the happyland heros and safari set as the zoo and train station come with quite a few people.
currently buy through the whole toot toot range for my little girl she loves them and yes when all the vehicles are turned on at once it's so annoying but she has fun!
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