Posted 29th Dec 2022
Help needed to find a electric blanket that the wires don’t stick into you for a bed ridden cancer friend so we can make her comfortable as possible
Many thanks
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    How about an electric throw instead as the wires will be on top and not have her weight pushing down on them.
    I bought a Dreamland one (in order to save putting the heating on a little, if my bills start getting out of hand), it's pretty good.
    I'm sitting wearing mine right now and can definitely vouch for this. They are very warm and on mine there are 6 heat settings. It's also machine washable.
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    If its for a "bed ridden cancer friend" to make her as "comfortable as possible".

    I'd probably just stick the heating on, or get an electric heater for the next couple of months until either the weather picks up or the inevitable happens.
    Trying to find and buy an electric blanket without wires is counter productive. Maybe a mattress topper to numb out the ones in a standard blanket maybe.

    Good luck.
    Or perhaps a mattress protector, or blanket, over the heating blanket and under the sheet.
    Placing it under a topper will require so much extra energy to get any benefit
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    We have a "Dreamland Boutique Mattress Protector/Electric Blanket" which is brilliant - can't feel the wires at all, heats up most of the bed (quickly) and has dual controls should you buy a double or king size.

    It looks like this exact model is not available anymore but this appears to be "very similar" -…tor Also do double and king sizes.

    They're not cheap but they are great quality.
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    Have you thought about just turning a normal one round? I got a silent night from the asda deal on here and the cable does stick out a bit but I've turned it so that's at the foot end out of the way. The cable is long enough to reach back to the socket at the head end
    I shall try that and hopefully she can get a goodnights sleep without the wires on the blanket hurting her as well as keeping her warm thank you
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    I got a silent night unde blanket from George and neither myself nor my son can feel the wires. Besides we put a normal fitted sheet over the blanket.
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    You can feel the wires a little on them all, unless your no weight. Pad it out as stated or use a heated throw or other ways of heating the room. Don't waste your time looking for something that doesn't exist
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