Electric built in oven smoking

Posted 10th Jun 2018
I got an Indesit Electric built in oven just over 2 years. Some how the oven now is "overheating", can't turn the temperature down, burns all the food that one puts in it and gives out a lot of smoke even though the oven been cleaned.

Tried calling the sticker on the oven for service repairs and replacement parts for Indesit at 0844 822 4224 but
~#been quoted £119.99 (CALL OUT CHARGE) or
£15.00 pcm x12 (£191.88),
said 10 years PARTS guarantee but yet they are charging for the Engineer to sort the problem.

~#Another alternative I found is
Service plans
£12.99 per calendar month (pcm) Totalling £155.88 for the year

~#I looked for alternative ie:One Off Repair £119
  • 12 month guarantee
  • Covers you for the fault we repair
Expert Repair £139
  • 12 month service agreement
  • Covers you for the fault we repair and protects you against general breakdown

Anyone has any experience with Indesit oven / knows anyone who repairs built in electric Oven in Chesterfield, Derbyshire area? Any advise is welcome.
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Look inside oven. Dose the oven thermostat look OK? Mine is like a 75mm wire at the top right. It's held tidy and away from any surface so it just measures air temperature. I made a new clip to hold it with some wire
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Could be the cooling fan or the thermostat. Or the stat that tells the cooling fan to turn on is faulty
As above check that first, might even need changing and probably a video out there of how to do it.

Dont fall fall for the indesit trick of free parts it’s the biggest scam around. Once out of warranty you might as well get a small local guy out of o fix it it will cost a lot less than the call out or added insurance. Plenty of good spare companies out there online.
I would just pay for the repair and then try to win it back under sale of goods act if it's not wear and tear. Most ovens are expected to run for 10 years plus so you should get something back.
Just check to see who you should be claiming off 1st as I think 1st point of call should be the company that sold you it.

Most ovens normally last about 6 years fault free.
This is where they get you with the warranty. 10 years parts only and 9 times out of 10 the labour will cost more than the parts.
Maybe get a independent to tell u what the fault is fix it and get them to send you the parts or pay for them.
Agree with wayners.

If the oven is going full heat regardless of the set temperature the most likely issue is the thermostat.

Should be fairly easy/cheap to fix. google the oven model for parts diagrams and you should find the part and a pic that shows how to fit it.

If you arent confident with electric then call round local repair people and get prices.

Have a google of what parts are the likely cause. My personal experience of hotpoint and indesit is that they cost a fortune in parts as the parts are poor and break regularly

Thermostat replacement:

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