electric drum kit????

    Hi all im regretting getting rid of my kit about 2 year ago and thought id get myself a new electric kit. anyone know the best/cheapest place to go for one of these? thanks in advance :thumbsup:

    ps. if anyone has any secondhand lmk also might be interested


    what area do you live in?

    Traps E400 has good reviews...was after one for my OH at Christmas but he changed his mind at the last moment...good job I waited…yDw
    I think it's one of the few that actually 'feels' like a real drum kit.

    argos how a few dont know if they are any good…3=2

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    hi im in cumbria...would go to newcastle to get them if i have to...thanks for the replies gonna take a look now...

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    anymore sites anyone??? cant find anything...

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    how much are you willing to spend?

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    around £300- £400 depending on what its like...

    ive seen those usb ones...anyone had one? maybe worth getting until i save enough and get a good kit? anyone have any opinion on it?


    just goggled in electric drums kits and it came up with a few websites

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    yeah i googled..not really that many tho...most are for the electronic drums...rather than a full kit...if you get me..the first link looks good tho... just hoped someone might know a good place for them and maybe recommend a kit??

    thanks for the links esims84
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