electric egg boiler where to buy from??

does anyone know where i can get one of these from please as cheap as possible thanks


Try here, there might also be a few codes knocking around too..

use the kettle lol

£5.99 + £4.39 shipping
here is the link.....]http//ww…8-1
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Merry xmas

I bought one of these in Lidl a year ago for about a fiver. Dont think they have had them in again. I did look online as my daugher wants one but cant find one anywhere near that price. Have decided dont want to be ripped off online so living in hope of Lidl getting them in again.


£5.99 + £4.39 shippinghere is the l … £5.99 + £4.39 shippinghere is the link.....]http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wahl-ZX642-Boiler-Capacity-Silver/dp/B0016J1VNO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=kitchen&qid=1229525143&sr=8-1Akme beat me by 1 minMerry xmas

Oooh well done .Shame about the shipping though but still better price than I found online.

my teacher made one of these he was called Stuart Bonsell

These are great. Had one which looks like a chicken (head comes off as a salt shaker) for about 10 yrs and it's still going stron, and perfect eggs every time.

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