Electric fan oven help....

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone winth knowledge of electric ovens may be able to help.

    We have just moved into a house, where there is a freestanding 'Belling 865' dual fuel cooker (gas hobs, electric fan oven).

    There is a selector dial so you can choose whether you want oven/fan oven/grill etc and a temperature dial.

    When fan oven is selected it takes ages to heat up (waiting for yellow thermostat light to go out) - prob more than 45 mins if it ever heasts up fully, then when the door is opened it loses nearly all the heat.
    When the normal oven (without fan) is used, it heats up as expected and retains the heat better.

    The instuctions say it is using the same elements for these functions (top and bottom heating elements), so i am a little confused.

    We also have a receipt left with the oven stating a new element was fitted in March, due to 'no heat'.

    Any ideas as to what is happening?
    We may get a new oven soon anyway so dont really want to spend much/anything on it!



    Assuming the fan is actually operating (if it's not then the fan motor would need replacing) then it's highly likely that an element is at fault. If it has both top and bottom elements, it could be that one is working (hence your oven working) but not the one that provides heat to the fan assisted part. It would need to be tested with a multimeter to confirm a faulty element - given the price of elements, it may be cheaper to gamble on getting a new one anyway.

    Edit: Just to add that it 'could' be the thermostat, but unlikely. I'd wager it's a faulty element.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your reply
    The fan is operating, can definitely see/hear it, in fact its quite noisy.
    The manual says both top and bottom elements should be on on both the fan and non-fan oven selections.


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    so last night i quickly tried all of the selections and the results were as follows:

    1-oven off- ok!
    2-oven light on only- ok
    3-fan on only- ok
    4-top and bottom heating elements on- ok (heats up, wouldnt know if both elements are working though)
    5-top and bottom heating elements and fan on- heats up very slowly as described above
    6-bottom heating element and fan on- no heat, fan works though
    7-rear heating element and fan on- appears to be ok, heats up and fan works
    8-grill heating element on- ok
    9-grill heating element and fan on- ok

    from the descriptions it would seem it has a rear,top and bottom oven heating element, and a grill heating element (visable one)- this seem right?
    I assume the rear element will be behind the fan cover at the back of the oven. But dont know where the top and bottom are, no other access panels inside the oven (apart from the fromt face that the door closes on to which has screws holding it on.)

    Seems strange that the instuctions say that just top and bottom heating element come on for number 5 (they say this setting is 'traditional fan cooking'), not the 'rear' one.

    Anyway, will try cooking with number 7, although they say this is best for cooking cakes - no chance!

    Thanks all

    (ps i have posted on more relevant forums, just thought there's no harm in posting here too!)
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