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    looking to start the electric guitar, so what is the best deal for beginners out there? Looking to pay up to £150. thanks!!



    check out

    way below your budget but i got my son a nice one for £40 for xmas, they di have more expensive ones tho

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    thanks for that but now i think i know what guitar i want. A Squier Strat. So anyone with any good deals for this guitar?

    Any particular reason for wanting a Strat clone?

    Whether you are new to guitars or not, it's always best to go to your nearest shop and pick one up to try IMO.
    Are you after guitar only or a package with amp etc?
    Good sites on the net to look at include soundslive or GAK.

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    im looking for guitar with amp, and also thanks for those websites, and yeh i will probably go down to my local music shop to try some out.

    asking about the strat squier because its been recommended to me by loads of people as a great starter guitar.

    I have a Squier Telecaster and for the money it's an outstanding guitar. Sure, the proper £400 Fender is much smoother but I'd agree with it being an ideal starting point.
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