Electric guitar package?

I'm looking to take up playing the guitar and would appreciate it if somebody suggested a good value package for me to buy. I've seen the Ebuyer deals but I'm not too keen about buying something so cheap without the advice of an expert that has tested them.
My budget is around £120-150 and that is for a guitar and amp and any other goodies (such as straps, tuners etc). I've been looking for a Yamaha Pacifica 112 as I've seen them mentioned before but I can't find a package anywhere
Thanks in advance for any help


I got a fender electric guitar and amp for my lad for xmas out of toys r us for £99.99, it says not in stock online but they had a few in my local store (oxford) worth phoneing your local store.

the above is quite a good guitar, definately worth buying if its a first guitar as the sound quality is good and it'e easy to learn on. No point in getting a proper fender (which is better than the yamaha) as you might give up and the sound quality won't be great if you go out and get a cheap amp anyway, in any case the squire will see you though for at least until you get proficient in which case you'll know whether you want to carry on or not.

asda do a cheap job for 50 with an amp and guitar but its not up to much. as a guitarist id would advise a beginner to pay a bit more (£180-200) for the fender squier / amp package which comes with all the other bits and pieces.

ebuyer has packages

edit: sorry just re read the op lol

i strongly recomend this pack. great for a beginner and great sound quality


mayb try the asda deal and see if playing guitar is for you before spending a bomb on somit u wont play?



great squeir strat and the best small marshall amp, cant beat that!

Don't overlook your local music shop. They will sell guitar and amp packs and will have second hand ones too.

you cant go wrong with a Squier for a beginner, but If your older and serious about playing, and have some money, a decent guitar is worth buying as it wont lose it's value

-to be honest, i think the pacifica is a great buy. i think they even won best sub £200 guitar with it at some stage or are generally renowned for their value and im surprised how good they can be for the price.
-direct competition to the squire i think the pacifica wins hands down, and a yamaha is just a yamaha - not a "cheap" fender

guitar will cost you about £95
get a baby marshall for about £45 (mg10-cd) has a nice sound for what it is
digital tuner - £5 - £10 anything will do, bundles usually have cheap ones anyhow.

think the guitar will come with a little strap, alan keys trem arm and cheap lead (bound to brake) etc , then download guitar pro and get cracking!.......

I thought I saw Asda advertise a package for like£50 or something like that?

Obviously isn't going to be the best, but if you don't like it, then it's not a lot of money wasted, where as if you do, it probably is decent enough to get you up and running!

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Thanks alot for the responses :-D Does any 2 people agree on a single package I should get?
I have a bit better budget of £210 and so far I like the look of this package suggested best:


http://www.guitar.co.uk/electric_guitar_starter_packages/22-squier_affinity_strat_and_marshall_mg10cd_package_metallic_blue_maplegreat squeir strat and the best small marshall amp, cant beat that!

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