If anyone knows anywhere I can get an electric guitar and amp I would be most grateful. Unfortunately the Ebuyer deal isn't showing on their site.



try these excellent site hubby musician always buy from very reliable and good gear
they are in Germany but postage never takes long good luck
There are some cheap music stores out there and you could probably get one from argos for £70 - £100 but they will not be very good and if he is serious you may as well start him with something he is going to use for awhile and not be ashamed of.

im in same situation my 8yo lad wants one cos he loves guitar hero on our ps3. i got my eye on this guy whos feedback implys he sells quality at cheap prices.

my bro who plays says get him a full size les paul cos 3/4 size going to full is like learning again.

i dont know anything about guitars any experp give me an idea if this guys prices are good? the green one is the one im thinking of

I would suggest you take your son to your nearest music shop. The best way is hands-on, you can try before you buy and negotiate a deal. Or, you can do some homework on sites like soundslive, gak etc to guage the prices before you go.
Good luck, and don't be scared to try all the guitars in the shop :thumbsup:

yes agree with J9STL soundslive is good too and they sometimes have some really good deals
sounds live link to combos

Bought 3 guitars from soundslive shop in Newcastle, rather than the online shop and no problems. If you do have any probs, you can go back to the shop, it's a lot easier than posting any returns etc. Good set of guys in there (and most guitar shops IMO) willing to help & advise - and do a deal near to the online prices.

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Thanks folks for all this info so soon! I'm hoping to spend less than £70 all-in initially as I'm not sure he'll keep the lessons up...... I have been looking in our local paper for secondhand deals but nothings coming up. :-)

Secondhand are OK if you know what you are after & what to pay. Cheapest isn't always best btw. Guitar set up is most important, making it easier or harder to play.
Off topic, how come you joined in Dec 2004 and yet have only made 19 posts?

Bit info on string height affecting playability:
Adjust Action (Set-up) The term "action" basically refers to the way an instrument is adjusted and how well it plays. Action adjustments are made to improve the feel of the instrument, decrease pressure on your fingertips which can be severe when the action is too high, avoid buzzing and generally just get the best sound out of an instrument. Most instruments are set-up at the factory with higher action then necessary. High action on a brand new instrument may be the result of settling (all that tension on a newly built instrument is bound to change it's shape a bit), a change in it's environment (factories assemble instruments under closely controlled temperatures and humidity) or simply because many factories agree that it's easier to drop the action than it is to raise it. Raising action can require replacement of the nut and saddle, a more costly undertaking than merely cutting them both lower.

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I've tended to just look at posts, and not reply much! We've found a good musician who now teaches kids in our area (Essex). He used to write songs/play for well-known stars.

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Oh, now up to 20 posts!!

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Incidentally, would anyone recommend eBay for this?

I bought my youngest daughter a Les Paul Copy from Wesleyguitars in an auction, and then added an amp to the deal from their shop. Total was approx £98 incl delivery. Well pleased with it and a good deal less than their buy it now prices. Bottom line, if you have the time, do your homework.

model was WESLEY PHOENIX PLAINTOP CHERRY 'BURST ELECTRIC GUITAR. buy it now £129 + £15 deliv. I got it on auction for around £60, plus amp & postage = less than £100.

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Thank you J9STL - I'll have a look...... :roll:
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