Electric heating help! please

    I am renting a property until paper work sorted for us to buy it.
    Due to our situation some issues are for us to deals with others for the owner. My issue is that the bathroom has an oil filled electric rad. Not the best or cheapest.
    Im looking to heat it as at the mo, its that cold in there you can see your own breath! Eventually the obvious solution is to put central heating in there, but looking for a cheap temporary solution.
    I love this…TER

    any advise on this one?
    or can someone tell me the cheapest electric heating and how much its costs? i need to be able to run it most if not all day


    "Trixie Natura Rabbit & Run with Enclosure"?

    Dont think thats gonna help. lol.

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    "Trixie Natura Rabbit & Run with Enclosure"?Dont think thats gonna help. … "Trixie Natura Rabbit & Run with Enclosure"?Dont think thats gonna help. lol.

    cheers, just changed it.:D

    I live in a rented flat with no heating in the bathroom except a heated towel rail .But there is a fan heater mounted on the wall with a pull off/on switch . This is very good and very quick to heat the bathroom . I would recommend a wall mounted fan heater , away from any water source , of course .

    Strictly speaking all electric heating should cost the same - they all convert electricity into heat and (pretty much) nothing else. The problem is the method in how the release heat - a fan heater gives a directed blast of heat very quickly whilst an OFR takes time to slowly warm up the oil and then releases the heat much more slowly.

    The cost is easy to work out - how many watts is the device and how much does you electricity cost per unit (usually it will be somewhere around 15p-20p per KWH).
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    Don't forget, that even when you switch the OFR off, the heat doesn't just stop... it very slowly dies down as the oil cools. I've actually just purchased one myself that was on offer and it seems to do a much better job at regulating the heat inside the room than the convector heater I was using before. The old one needed turned on and off several times a day as it didn't contain a termostat. This OFR has one, and regulates it perfectly.
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