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Electric Key Meter - money has not gone on, who do I contact?

Posted 29th Jul 2014
Just stuck a tenner on the electric key but when I put it in nothing has changed on the meter, it is still saying 65p no matter what I do.

Do I go back to the shop or do I call Npower? I have the receipt.
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not much the shop can do
you might find something here that helps
hi there take they key out and input it 2 or 3 times and hopefully it will work as i have a key meter and thats what i do and it works.
if it doesn't work call the provider and provide them with the receipt
Thanks guys got it sorted I think.

Not sure how this has worked out but they are telling me I have to put another £7 on because the £10 was not enough.

Seems strange as I have a £7 emergency limit and the £10 was more than enough to put me back into credit.

Oh well back to the shop I go to chuck another tenner on and see if that does the trick.

Thanks for the help.
if you can change the meter to non prepay as prepay tariff is extortionate.

if you can change the meter to non prepay as prepay tariff is … if you can change the meter to non prepay as prepay tariff is extortionate.

Depends how much you use it really. We were told if we changed the meter they'd put us on a deal at last years pre price increase and in comparison to pre-pay, we'd save £20 a year. They could only stick us on the cheaper old tariff for one year and it was going to cost £50 to install the meter (each, so £100 for Gas and electric).
Hope adding more credit on sorts it out :-).
I only use about £3 per week.

No idea where they get this £6 weekend emergency credit from as I live on my own and am on the ball with all of my accounts.

I put £10 on a few weeks ago after going down to just over £1 emergency. It then went up to £4+ (my emergency kicks in at £7).

So I used the £4 up and went into the emergency, this has gone down to a few pence so I put a tenner back on and it would not accept it. I called them up and they said some mumbo jumbo crap about weekend £6 emergency where they never cut people off over a weekend.

OK so what has that got to do with me? oO

Anyway threw another tenner on and got just over £4 credit.

£7 emergency, £4 credit, + £6 they say is some mumbo jumbo crap stuff for a weekend just does not add up to £20. They are well and truly taking my pants down, AND this is all on top of a letter I received stating I am in credit by £10 and £2 on both Gas and Electricity.

Oh well, let them get on with it, I will sort it out on my next top up, will let it go down to £1 emergency and see what happens when I put a tenner on.

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Thread here on changing your meter
How on earth do you you use only £3 a week ? your standing charge should be about that
this all sounds a bit different to what I had mind the emergency was £5 and a £10 top up only ever used it twice
and one of thou's was when I moved out leave 4p on it naughty boy
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