Electric Knife Sharpener

Found 1st Dec 2008
Hi everyone am looking to buy an electric knife sharpener as xmas pressi
have seen one on Amazon for £117 with good reviews but also looking at Firestone
one at Pro Cook for around £70 but has no reviews any help much appreciated
Thanks in advance
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are you serius......an electric knife sharpener.

£117..........either you have too much money, or the person is very very lazy.

My knifeset is hand sharpened, and it's sharper than any ground blade, without a doubt.

If you want to buy something for a cook.....go buy a nice ceramic knife....It'll never need sharpening !
Thanks for comments are ceramics realy that good ? Ihave a set of Sabitairs
but never seem to get them as sharp as new.:?:
yeah, ceramics are amazing......very good for detail work, or slowly butterflying a fillet steak ! takes a while to get used to, as they are very very light......i'd buy one over a sharpener anyday....my friend, who is a fairly decent head chef...has a £9.99 knife sharpener at home...electric, on the back of a kenwood tin-opener - and he swears by it !

Sabitairs are quite good for the money....depending on the model.....Personally, i have about 15 knives of different makes...but my favorite is a MOD issue 10 inch chefs knife, from a navy carrier. slight curve, nice and thick......it sharpens VERY well, and if i oilstone it...it becomes silly sharp.....It'll take some serious abuse, i often use it in aggression, for spitting frozen meat !
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