Posted 4th Feb 2023 (Posted 7 h, 57 m ago)
I've a budget of approx £2100 and I'm looking for the best hybrid/mountain electric bike I can get.
I won't be doing any off road stuff just the everyday roads, bridle paths etc.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I don't know a good bike from a bad one.
I've seen one which I quite like, Cube Nuride hybrid performance 500 allroad, any help would be appreciated.

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    Not an expert, but keep an eye on second hand market.
    I'll explain.
    Quite a few of my friends (all retirees) acquired ebikes over the last couple years; to my knowledge only one of them still uses his - albeit much less than when he first got it.
    Obviously I'm thinking these bikes will soon be going the same way as their home gym equipment ( I know a couple who used their bikes just twice in the whole of last year, their bikes have sat in the garage for months).
    So, no harm in having a look as you might pick up a real rarely used bargain.
    Problem with second hand is the battery, as you said a couple of your friends only used them twice in a year, if the battery wasn't maintained the life on it will reduce and new batteries aren't cheap
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    For your usage description I would forgo the suspension as fat tyres will be just as effective without adding weight, cost or the requirement to maintain the forks.

    A bit over your budget but this would catch my attention as reduced and weighs significantly less than the cube you are looking at
    Vitus E-Substance Alloy Gravel eBike (Apex) | Chain Reaction ( but then again I am happy with drop bars

    Orbea also do some nice ebikes flat bars that are closer and look like normal bikes in both their construction and weight. (edited)
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    I’ve just gone for the Liv tempt e+ sport, it was £500 off so just under £2k. Looks and rides well, plus I understand the reliability is good.
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