Electric Plugs in Cancun.

Posted 23rd Sep
Long shot but, if anybody has been to the El Dorado Seaside Suites & Spa in Cancun can tell me what the plug situation is for charging phones etc. Is it the same as many other hotels in that you just need the right adapter or do you need something else as I read that the voltage is 110/120v as opposed to 240v here in the UK.
Thanks peoples.
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If you look at your UK charger you'll see it typically has an input voltage range ~ 110/240V so it'll handle the lower voltage .
We were there 3 years ago. We took standard adapters and had no problems at all. Hope that helps.
P.s the El Dorado is amazing. A tad jealous, I am itching to go back. Enjoy it
It's the same as the US, use an adapter and you'll be fine
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