Found 27th Nov 2006
I'm on an electric pre-payment thing which suits me fine. Just wondering though, can I still swap suppliers as I'm apparently with British Gas, which must have been what the previous owners of the house used. But, they seem to be the highest priced, from what I have heard.

What I don't get though is if I change supplliers and put my usual 30-50 quid on my key, how does it end up any cheaper? Do I get more electric the 30-50 quid or something?

I'm clueless about this. Bought the house not too long back and have just topped the key up when I needed it.

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unless you like to buy as you use I would scrap the pre payment meter as they charge you for having one as well as the electric. if i'm right( I had one of these many moons ago) the payment box belongs to who ever installed it so another energy company cannot charge you for electricity used through it .... A (I would say quick but that would be a fib) phone call to your energy supplier should be able to confirm this ...

hi yes you can swap and you do pay more with anyone for having a prepayment machine but i like to pay upfront so think the prepayment method suits me .some companies dont do prepayment and even wth british gas you could get a card which you pay money into your account to prepare for your bill .be wary when changing as i have just come back to british gas after being with seeboard as most have a standing charge .

my box was installed by seeboard but you can use whoever you wish

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I'd have to take a look at their charges. I was told by EDF that I was a BG customer now as they didnt want the previous owners custom! They stated there would be no problems having me as their customer.

Just got to figure out the cost. I'd also have to figure out the cost of switching to normal, it is a bit of a bind as I forget and run out, then have to go scooting off to the shops.

Have you had a look at MSE grdesign...martin seems to draft quite comprehensive advice about domestic fuel..maybe worth a visit.

EDF Energy reckon on it's website that Pre-pay customers pay exactly the same as all other customers, website ]here
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