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Electric Recliners vs Manual ?

Posted 7th May 2014
Hey I have just bought the La-Z-Boy Avenue 3 from SCS.

Yes I have seen all the horror stories from DFS and SCS and Furniture Village, they seem to be all as bad as each other, But I needed a good sofa on credit.

Anyway, I was Uhmming and Awing about a manual vs Elec recliner and ended up buying the elec as I thought, hey I only live once.

I know a lot more can go wrong with elec over manual and can be expensive to fix.

I was wondering what your take is on this, as I have seen some people say their elec's are still going strong after 10 years, some say they had to get them fixed after 3.

Any thoughts on this ?

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As long as you don't abuse them they will last for years especially a decent make like La Z Boy. I would not have a manual recliner myself as you are stuck with it up or down whereas with an electric recliner you can have any position in between that you want which you can guarantee the ideal position will be in between.

Did you order online or in store? I decided in store what I wanted and ordered online declining all the extras they do your head in with and got about £80 cashback from TCB. Had a problem as the shades were slightly different when arrived but the customer service was excellent and allowed me to purchase a different suite which I was looking at originally and it had been reduced after xmas when I re ordered, right result I had.
I will not abuse them but I am sure it will be a novelty at first.

I ordered it in shop as they took off the deliver charge and included 2 cushions.

I know there is 4% TCB but the guy really worked hard and was great with my kids so he deserved the sale.

I have a £2000.00 DFS sofa and it started to sag within 2 years, the cushions are thin and now very uncomfortable, will be selling it on ebay, but will be pointing out all the negatives and hope I get £100.00 ..

Thanks for your input

Anyone else have a electric recliner that would like to weigh in ?
LaZBoy are not as good as they were....

Does it have 1 motor or two?
We bought a lazy boy corner sofa 8 months ago and regret ever going in scs. We've had them out 3 times already to sort out the electric recliner. Hope you have better luck xxx

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