Electric shaver for close shaves?

    I'm 21 and I've never used an electric shaver before, just razors. I hate the clean-shaven look though. I tried a beard, people don't like it. I'd like an electric shaver for a good price that can shave very closely, keeping the facial hair at about 1/2mm long. I'd like a rough lookvery short "stubble".

    I don't know much about shavers so I'm sorry if a lot are capable of doing this. I don't want to go out and buy one though if it might not be able to do this. I did hear of "adjustable shavers" that allow you to adapt it to whatever kind of shave you want. I'd appreciate any help with this guys! Thank you.


    I'm one sceptic who joined the 'elite' electric shaver bandwagon recently. Went for this Philips F1 shaver (although paid only £49.99 @ Argos +£5 voucher). Very pleased with the buy although took a couple of weeks to fully adjust to my face.

    I bought the very best electric shavers for 20 years (some over £200) to see if they had invented anything which could compete with a wet shave. They had not, they have not and I do not think they ever will.

    Wet shaving is just better.

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    3.1415926: Depends on the result. I don't want a clean shaven look. But I got a Mach 3 and it's extremely smooth, much more comfortable than cheap razors.

    edi: Hmm, seems like a good buy. I'll think about that and make a decision tomorrow. If anyone else can offer any suggestions that would be great.

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    Went for the F1, thanks for the suggestion.
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