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Found 24th Oct 2008
Hi, currently I shave using a fusion, I'm 20, have been shaving for 4 years now, with pretty much a full beard, used to use a Mach 3 before

I shave every other day, as my neck cannot take a wet shave every day, I come out in a rash mainly on my neck which gets really sore, and takes a few days to clear up, so spotty teenager syndrome, even though I'm gentle and only at the most go over the same area twice, however, if I shave every other day I get a really decent shave

Bur I always get a rash on my neck right at the bottom where my stubble ends, whatever I've tried, it always reoccurs, so looked into dry shavers, and for some people from the reviews I've read, their rash seems to disappear once they've switched, and as I'm working full time, I really want to shave everyday, as that next day look makes me look like desperate dan and it's pretty unprofessional appearance wise

I was looking at one of these as their heavily advertised at the moment:


I've tried a rotary Braun before, and it butchered my neck to say the least, so thought this might be a good alternative, so just wanted people's opinions if they use this, and also, once you've used it, if it doesn't work for me, can I return it? Or is it one of those situations where it can only be returned in an unused condition?

Thanks in advance for any replies


Doubtful you could return it mate, sure most places have policies on health and beauty products whereby once its been used you cant return it unless its actually faulty. (it causing a skin rash in the user does not make it faulty)
Have you tried different types of shaving foams/gels/lotions/oils ?????
I used to get a similar thing from most cheaper shaving foams, nowadays i sty away from foams and always use King of Shaves Gels or Oils, they got loads of different ones for different skin types and i now never get any sort of rash whatsoever.

If this doesnt work may i suggest you try a different razor, perhaps one with less blades, some people can shave fine with 1/2 bladed razors but once you reach the heights of 4/5 blades some peoples skin just cant take it..

I used to get a shaving rash on my neck with a wet shaver, but found dry shavers always 'butchered' my neck or left lots of hair.

My solution was getting some good shaving products such as exfoliator before shaving and Nivea aftershave balm afterwards and making sure I was always shaving in the direction my hair grows in. (which on one side of my neck is almost upwards.) This has solved my problem and only now get the occasional bump or two if I shave it too quickly and go against the grain.

There was a useful video on videojug website IIRC.

Sorry not really answering ur question but HTH

Hi Soz im a girl but I bought a shaver with 3 heads for someone but never gave it to them as forgotten I had bought it and they got one anyway!
It is one of those with 3 round heads for closer shave and had loads of features (would have to dig it out to list them).
I paid £30 for it but would get rid for half that if your interested I could dig it out to show pics, although I know the lid to the box is broken:oops:
I do agree with exfoliating though as it brings the hairs out further and makes it easier to shave, and you're meant to do that 3 times per week anyway to keep ur skin regenerating:whistling:
I do happen to know that Boots have a new range for men in No7 range which is a lot cheaper than the designer brands.
Failing that I have some band aids if that helps!:p
Good luck x

wash the razor in cold water whilst shaving, apparently it's the heat that causes the rash, also i find letting the face dry naturally, balm and rinsing well reduced my rash to nothing..

I suffered from shaving rash for years until i did a bit of research and ended up buying one of these
mankind.co.uk/Fut…S1/ yes its expensive but it will pay for itself over the years 'cos the blades are so cheap, and you will get the best shave you have ever had!
I also started to use this stuff mankind.co.uk/In-…S1/ and Voila! no more shaving rash.


wash the razor in cold water whilst shaving, apparently it's the heat … wash the razor in cold water whilst shaving, apparently it's the heat that causes the rash, also i find letting the face dry naturally, balm and rinsing well reduced my rash to nothing..

actually, its if the skin is soft and flexible, it 'bunches up' getting caught by the razor that causes the rash, pulling your skin as taught as you can whilst shaving and using a powder or lotion to help the razor glide over the skin will best help avoid skin rash or neck burn.
i suffer it to, but not so much now with my philips coolshave razor, i can use that with hot water or cold, and i suffer much less now.

Original Poster

Oh well theres that idea out the window! Think £100 for something that could be totally useless is pretty crazy

I use Nivea shaving gel (in a while tube), with their aftershave balm, have tried Gillette's products and king of shaves gel (which I thought was pretty useless in comparison to Nivea

Goonieman- I've been told though to invest in a double edged razor, as well as a really decent badger hair brush, from what I've read these are what the so called "pro's" use, think it's more down to the stories I've read of it going wrong!

The2ocan- I've tried shaving in the direction of the hair, but found that I'm still left with quite a big of stubble, especially against the grain which makes the old 9 o'clock shadow more obvious!

fifitrix123- I've tried one of those type of dry shavers before, did my neck no favours!

Thanks for all the replies
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