Electric shaver help please

    I'm looking to get my OH an electric shaver, preferably a rechargable one. For as cheap as possible but good enough to do a decent shave. Somewhere that takes Paypal would be a bonus too!

    I don't really know where to start or what to look for to get a 'decent' one.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!!


    Boots accept paypal and currently up to half price on many shavers.…rs/

    I bought one a couple years ago for £29.99 and found it in wardrobe but the ends of the box had broken, it's a 3 head electric razor with brushes etc and I bought it as a mate's hubby said it was ace.
    I am now single so you can have it for half price if you like?
    Just PM me and I can send you pic of box etc but don't want to unpack it all or will look as though been used.
    If not hope you get one suitable as men can be fussy! :x

    ask your fella first if he wants one, i think they are an aquired taste, i tried one but it gives me a razor rash, i much prefer a wet shave.

    ^ +1

    Yes, be absolutely certain before diving in (as it were!) as I've found any electric shaver that I've come across to be not far short of useless at getting that last few fractions of a millimetre - leaving the end result like that from a blunt razor.

    The other thing is - a wet shave is just so much quicker.

    Still, as was said too, some folk swear by them.

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