Electric shock from bathroom taps

Posted 30th Sep
Out of nowhere I'm getting small electric shocks from the bathroom taps. Never had this issue before and its not static because you cant touch it for more than few seconds as it starts getting stronger. Tried it with everything turn off from the mains and its fine.

One thing i did notice was this happened when both my feet and my flip flops were wet. It was the same case for my sibling so i asked someone else (dry feet) to try it and they did not get any electric shock.

I know this isn't the best place for this but thought I'd ask anyways as it just happened right now and earliest i could get an electrician in to check is probably tomorrow.

Anyone else had this issue before?

Ps i checked and there are no earth wires connected to the taps and its always been like this (family been living here for like two decades)
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Sounds like your earthing wire on the pipes have broken.
Sounds like you’ve answered your own question there. Does it tingle to start off with?

this can happen when there’s no earth bonding and there’s a neutral shorted to earth have you had any work done or added any sockets or plugs. Get an electrician out!
Earth bonding isn't the underlying issue.

Do you have an electric shower or water heater? Immersion heater? Possible the element is failing.
The wet/dry is just that the resistance is higher for dry.

Get an electrician to investigate urgently.

In the meantime dont use yourself as a test instrument. screwfix will sell you a cheap multimeter.
Turn water heaters/electric showers/immersion heaters off at the consumer unit.
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You could attempt to identify the compromised circuit by switching off all circuits at the consumer unit then sequentially switching them on individually until the shock was present, but that would be kinda stupid. Professional assistance is required.
You could try a voltage detection pen to test the taps, and switch off the breakers in the consumer unit one by one. Start with circuits that power immersion heater, electric shower, boiler, shower pump etc.

The detector I have sometimes tends to pick up induced voltages, so will sometimes show live when it is not, so they may not be totally reliable.

The fault will need fixing, the pipes will all need earth bonding, and I'd suggest either getting a RCD fitted, or a new consumer unit with an RCD built in if you've got an old fashioned consumer unit with cartridge or fuse wire fuses.
I had the same issue years ago, the problem was two-fold;
Firstly, the main electrical earth for the house was no longer effective because although it was connected to a metal water pipe, the incoming water main had been replaced with plastic, so that left the house isolated, with no earth at all.
No one realised this until one day the taps, kitchen sink, radiators, etc, all started tingling.
I went around the house unplugging everything one by one until the tingling stopped, it turned out to be a faulty microwave.
You could try doing the same but even if you find and isolate the culprit to stop the tingling, you'll still ought to get an electrician in as you have an earthing problem as well.
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Sounds shocking
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