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    Please help need a good cheap shower please if anyone can reccomend somewhere to get one from??

    Also what does having a shower fitted include..?? shower ? tiles up ? please i have no idea lol typical women :oops:


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    please anyone ???


    Is it over the bath or are you talking a stand alone one?

    If its over the bath, I got hold of one of those mixer taps that send the water into a shower hose by pushing a button from screwfix.…422

    It would need to be fitted by a plumber, a good one should be able to fit it in less than their base rate of one hour. I'm sure even as a girl you can manage the shower curtain/screen. (p.s. if you want a screen flicker your eyes at the plumber and he'll probably fit it for you.

    I am presuming you have tiles to your ceiling already, if you don't you will need this too all around your bath. A professional tiler will charge around £250 to retile from bath to ceiling all around your bath (including edging).

    If you are after an enclosure then as bod says you need a plumber and and electrician, its a big job.

    We had a shower fitted over our bath and we had to supply the shower unit ourselves. We got a Triton 9.5w (fairly standard power shower) from Focus for £80. The sparky charged us £240 to fit it though - we needed a little box thingy added on to our fuse box.

    Ring around for quotes though - we didn't and found out after we could have had one supplied & fitted - the same kind for £180 DUH the blessing of hindsight.

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    Thanks for your help

    Bod will get back at you as i have seen that make shower for £63 so probably be worth me just buyin gone rather than p+p but will pm you in any case.

    I am after one that goes over my bath but i have a window over my taps so will have to have it fitted over side of bath. so ultimoscoropio they dont tend to reach high enough as i have tried it

    glad you said as low as £180 rusanurk as heard it may cost £ 500

    My local Aldi had a 9.5 Kw Shower for £49.99 with a 3 year warranty on Thursday, there was plenty in stock.;-)
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