Electric Toothbrush - Budget - £40

    As the title states really.

    I've had a look around some of the sales but can't find anything that has a good saving, does anyone have any recommendations?


    We saw a couple of reasonably priced toothbrushes in Tesco yesterday. Got an Oral B for my son for £15.

    oral B ones are quite good. I didnt believe in electric tooth brush but it seems to have worked on my teeth.

    definitely electric all the way!most pps are too lazy or have mobility probs or don't know 'modified bass technique' used to brush their teeth with a manual toothbrush.Electric will some what help counter act these probs.And as Saracat suggested, sainsbury,tesco etc supermarkets and even boots does the £15 offer on oral b electrics (from time to time).I've got the whole family on these and they're well worth it. btw these are adult ones and there's some kids once coming soon so buy accordingly.

    ps can't hyperlink video on modified bass brushing technique cus commenting via mobile.but it should come up on YouTube
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