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    My main switchboard has only a 10A fuse for the master switch and the electric oven causes it to trip. the baby switch which the oven is part of is 25A. Does this basically mean the master switch needs a 25a and higher fuse?

    No other switches trip


    Yes and a cable that can take a 25A current

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    Yes and a cable that can take a 25A current

    But because the smaller circuits are rated at 25 amp would the main switch not be able to do that also?

    Do you never get it tripping at other times. Ie kettle and hairdryer(dishwasher and washing/dryer) at same time? The main fuse can also trip from earth leakage...I think you need to seek qualified advice, with a visual inspection.

    I don't want to assume here one way or the other so can you confirm whether you living in this property as a tenant or do you own it or in the process of owning it?

    10A wouldn't even cover a modern kettle, they reach the limit of a plug switch as do plug in overs at 3kW (~13A) wired oven draw a bit more so no wonder you are tripping.
    10A is very low and even communal flats are rated higher (as are caravan and tent mains). double check that number, if you are renting as the owner to check and sort it. otherwise, you're not competent at electrical work (hence asking the question here) and call an electrician.

    Are you sure that's not 100A?

    Please do not take this the wrong way but by the look of the questions you have written it looks like you do not know what you are doing. 10amp is low for a main, you need to seek professional advice and also have a separate circuit for the cooker with its own breaker.
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    ^^ agreed.

    OP, possibly pop a photo of your consumer unit (fuse box) so we can see what your are referring to when you say 'master' and 'baby' switches.

    Often terminology means various things and we need to ensure were all referring to the same thing.

    Without either a photo or better description it's hard to advise properly.

    If you can do neither, I'd suggest you call in an electrician, better safe then not being here.
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