Electrical stuff....Adapters Rechargable Batteries etc

    OK bought a Canon camera recently in USA but needs adapter because the recharger plug is USA pins. Hve been to Boots etc but most of the travel stuff has been swept aside for Xmas stuff.

    Son has managed to break one of the pins off his Nintendo DS charger. Anyone know where I can get a replacement please?

    Looking for good deal on large pack of AAA rechargable batteries (all 4 cordless phone batteries need replacing). Maplins had a good deal a while back but they ran out.

    Is there one online supplier (or just one shop) that would sell all these?


    Dosen't ]DealExtreme sell a lot of that kind of stuff?

    [Removed]. Replied to wrong thread, sorry!

    Got mine of ebay you need to recharge them a few times but work great.
    Energizers :thumbsup:

    If you dont find a cheaper deal elsewhere then I have 13 AAA Rechargeables I dont use anymore. Can let them go for a crisp fiver (PayPal Gift) includes delivery. Cheers.
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