Electrical work = defeated how much?

Posted 30th Nov
Been trying to put in a timed bathroom fan. Done all the work but didn’t check that I have all the correct cables in the pull cord to supply the fan. I only have permanent live and switch live. Whereas I need the addition of a neutral. So I understand it requires coming from the ceiling rose/light. Which I am a bit of a loss on how to do that. Anyhow, I am willing to admit defeat, not to mention I didn’t realise it was part P notifiable work. How much would I be looking at. I believe all the sparky needs to do is find the neutral, which is one of the two bedrooms on that loop in out lighting circuit, then connect to switch live of the pull cord. Obviously would also check I have done everything right. Which I am confident of up to supplying the fan. Is it time they charge on?
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Cost will depend on where you are.

Frankly it will be more expensive if he is fixing your botch. Don't see how you can be confident of having done it right up to the fan given your lack of knowledge of how switches work.
An electrician will not pick up the switch wire from one place and the neutral from elsewhere.

The correct way to do it is to run a triple and earth cable from the light fitting in the bathroom. Live, neutral, switched live and earth are normally all available there in the same place and that's everything needed to connect to.

If the bathroom light doesn't have a ceiling rose, either it will have all the connections in the light fitting itself, or if the light fitting lacks a loop through, there will likely be a junction box in the ceiling above the light to pick up all 4 of the connections from.
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It's not notifiable under Part P unless it's in the zones in the bathroom, that's up to 2.25m from the floor and 0.6m beyond the bath/shower. This is unlikely to apply to a ceiling mounted fan.

There will almost certainly be somewhere above the bathroom ceiling with permanent live, switched live and neutral together. You found there is no neutral at the pull switch so there will probably be the necessary connections at the light fitting. Failing that then, as melted said, there could be a junction box nearby.
From your ceiling rose you should have all the wires you need.
Live. Red or brown from loop in / loop out
Switched live. From pull cord live return normally the neutral is used with a red or brown sleeving.
Neutral. Black or blue from loop in / loop out.
Earth. Normally this is a bare wire with yellow and green sleeving.

You should run these cables through a fan switch so it can be isolated if necessary.
My previous reply was based on my interpretation of Part P 2013. All domestic wiring comes under Part P, although only some is notifiable. If you use an electrician for work that is not notifiable, it would still be sensible to use one that's Part P registered and he ought to issue a test certificate.

All new electrical work within a bathroom should be protected by RCD.
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