Electrical/Electronic Web-Sites That Take Paypal Has Payment

Found 23rd Jan 2008

Can anyone help with the following? I'm looking to buy.

1 x Portable Dvd Player
1 x MP3 Player

I would like to pay using Paypal. Can anyone recommend any sites/




They also accept paypal.

The cheapest portable DVD player from both those sites is:
at £62.25 inc vat

The cheapest mp3 player is:
at £9.40 inc vat for 1GB

Original Poster

Thanks adambaz

I don't trust buying off ebay when it comes to buying Electrical goods

You never know if the stuff is refurbished! Then again most of it is when it come to the big sellers.


I thought that the PP site would have got round to updating their own page of"members" if that's the right word. Surely it's in their own interest to do so?!?

I've got £25 or there on sat doing nothing and if I could find something to splash it on then I would... Been kicked off ebay so can't spend it there!
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