Electrician Help Needed - Dishwasher Shockkkkk

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Found 24th Oct 2008
Hi Guys

I have an electrical fault of some sort with a dishwasher. Simply put, when I open the dishwasher and run something under the tap and I tough the metal casing on the inside of the dishwasher I get a a shock. However if i touch the metal on the inside of the dishwasher with wet hands it is fine, likewise when I run something under the tap its OK. Its only when I have running water on one hand and touching the dishwasher with the other that I get the shock. The dishwasher is new.

Thanks to anyone who can help as this is getting shocking!!!


Grounding wire of tap/dishwasher is a bit foobah?

its not a static charge then???


the earthing of your taps/pipes/sink is not properly connected.

there should be an earth strap connected to each and then to a discharge point.

need to get someone to check the earthing for you. shouldnt take long assuming that access is quite easy, couple of hours max.

Original Poster

thanks guys, dont think its static, I will trace all the earth straps as see where it takes me - rep left

i had this problem we thought it was the dishwasher but when we replaced it we still had the problem
an electrician came and said there was a fault somewhere upstairs with the wiring and he has turned all electric bar 2 plugs off
we are now waiting for our housing association to re-wire the whole house
hopefully yours is down to the earth which we originally thought our problem was

Call an electrician, your method of fault finding can lead to death.
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