Electricians - Domestic Upgrade of Distribution Board and Earth

    Hi I got a quote to fit a new distribution board and earth due to the age of the current one. Was priced at £400 + Vat for a 2 bed flat. Apologies in advance but I don't have a clue, does that seem reasonable quote? Thanks


    Sounds about correct as long as you get a proper certification from a known body once completed, don't forget your not just paying for the £50 distribution board and a few hours labour, your paying for the £1000+ test equipment and other money and time investments the electrician has made.

    if your consumer unit is so old, what about your wiring.

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    hi thanks, it was done through property management company due to regulations, but no mention of the wiring. To be fair I checked and the equipment they used costs approx. £700 to test

    its not the board that costs, its all the testing
    continuity tests
    earth resistance tests
    insulation resistance tests
    take time and cost money.
    your electrician will have to do this for a new CU.

    An alternative if you think your wiring might fail the inspection and test and if you've got an old fuse board are these

    simple to install. Turn of main fuse switch
    pull out fuse holder, unscrew fuse holder mount, screw wylex mount in its position push in replacement MCB.

    If unsure please use an electrician. I take no responsibility for your actions or lack of.

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    Many thanks for all your responses, by all accounts seems a fair price just thought no harm checking

    Ask for the hourly rate and see how long the electrician takes. Write off costs for the kit should account for no more than £5 a go. Costs of training to the individual are a lot less than for teachers, nurses etc. £400 seems a bit high even if it does include the consumer unit/mobs, (Around £70 from screwfix/tool station). Lots of qualified electricians coming in from Europe may push the cost down.

    No £400 is about right for what is to be done but with the testing may find other bits require doing to pass.

    Seems about right to me, last year we had a new board and other work. As long as you know they are a reputable I would not quibble at that.
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    £480 does seem a little high for half a days work on a £80 box. Would try get a few quotes. Ensure they are the qualified ones and not doing it then getting someone else to test.
    Would pay half on job completion and other half on getting cert
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