Electricians help.....shower issue

    Advise required..

    the shower packed up yesterday,,,,

    i opened up the pole switch to find that a section of insulation on the positive wire had

    melted,,,,what could have caused this and why didnt my mcb trip

    any ideas...


    It would have probably melted due to a poor connection, the mcb would only have tripped if a fault large enough was present. A melted cable generally would not cause it to trip unless it then shorted the circuit.

    When replacing just make sure you buy a decent switch and not a cheap £1 shop type.
    Personally I use MK or Crabtree MK are more expensive.

    Truthfully nope
    but good luck and have a nice night xx

    Loose connection
    The MCB will not have tripped as it has not overloaded , hopefully its protected by an RCD or RCBO if its not it should be, although this probabley would not of tripped if as imbalance in the neutral would of been detected,
    I would get a sparks to check it and do a test on it for trip times , insulation resistance etc.

    Are you sure this is the reason your shower isn't working?

    definitely loose connection. it made the wire arc and this melted the insulation, its usually accompanied by a "fishy" smell.

    Not neccessarily a loose connection as stated by others,

    Check the cable is rated properley for your shower, a 6.0mm cable will only just be sufficient for a 9.5kw shower.....anything above 9.5kw will need a 10.0mm cable:thumbsup:

    Just to add to your original query, the mcb wont trip as its not overloaded.
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