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    My electric bills seem to be almost 3 times my brothers and he has teenagers with games machines and tv's (But is in a new build) so just wanted to see what everyone elses costs are! I have a token meter (Still in landlords name)..I pay in approx £25 a week and cos I was away for 4 days put 4 loads of washing in at 40 degrees which resulted in about 3-4 hours of tumble drying (Old Zanussi) cos had my daughters 3rd birthday today so didnt want the kids to be knocking over drying racks in Dining room/play room...Electricity usage between 6:30pm Monday and 7pm Tuesday was £7.23....

    Also does anyone know if I am entitled to any grants - stay in a private rental and am on income support with 2 three year olds, house is a 3 bed semi (ex council) with patio doors in dining room downstairs (most others in street have knocked living roomand kitchen through into 1 room) but house cools down quickly so not sure how well insulated it is, although it does have GCH and GD. Would guess house was built in 70's...thinking maybe insulation may help? How much dearer are token meters? how can I check how much each item is using? My oven is electric, hob is gas, and GCH is a standard meter

    Thanks in advance for adviceknowledge sharing!



    Might be worth you looking here: about the insulation grant, it doesn't matter that you rent, you could still be eligable.
    Token meters are notoriously more expensive than paying by direct debit, give your supplier a call and ask them to tell you the price you are paying.
    Little things like thick curtains, using draft excluders under doors, especially outside doors, can make a difference. Try storage heaters for specific rooms during the day when the kids are at school instead of full house central heating and log fires instead of central heating, all makes a difference in keeping our bills down.
    Also, you can buy machines/monitors which read the amount of energy used, example…Srw or rent one…tml . Hope that answers some questions.

    are you a single mother?

    you can enquire about rent rebate if working
    council tax rebate if working
    insulation for free or for about £50 instead of £1000 dependant on test

    if on low work income u can get working tax credit
    i wold speak to citizens advice about the above mentioned and they will tell you more.

    i used to on token meter and it was £2 a week for the meter,but the meter had been speeded up so the last tenant could clear a debt,make sure its running on normal,as they usually keep it at the repay speed.

    im with british gas have gas heating(combi),electric cooker,xbox360,ps3,37"lcd,pc with 24" monitor and they all on all day(except cooker lol) from 8am for kid to about 2am for me and my gas and electric bill combined is about £130 for 3 months


    i used to on token meter and it was £2 a week for the meter,but the meter … i used to on token meter and it was £2 a week for the meter,but the meter had been speeded up so the last tenant could clear a debt,make sure its running on normal,as they usually keep it at the repay speed.

    I agree with ramiuk - although meters are more expensive I don't think you should be paying that much. I think that it's likely you are paying for someone else's arrears via the meter. Ask your power company to supply a standard meter there is no reason why you should have to pay by card and the go to a comparision wedsite to get the best deal.
    Good Luck.

    P.S. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    Original Poster

    hi Thanks for replies!

    Yes am a single mum, not working due to ending up on antidepressants after trying full time work after marriage breakup was just too much, dont drive, not much work locally so used to get a lift at 6:30and get back home at 5:30 and couldnt pay my mum much and wouldnt get tax rebate if someone was looking after kids in my house and wasnt getting them up that early to take them to childcare if I could find it plus wasnt coping well with break up, mum complaining about low income and never seeing kids and my income being in red and chewing up all my wages! Getting head sorted now, took myself off antidepressants a few weeks ago, got some books off amazon that have just arrived as therapy type and may consider seeing the counsellor once I I can persuade one of my sisters to do the 80 mile round trip to babysit so I can see one! Kids arent at nursery yet, the 3 year old get 5 2-2.5 hour sessions from early next year - just need to get my sleep pattern sorted next!

    Anyway I get income support, will get my rent paid hopefully once the landlord sends me a correct copy of my lease - last one she sent she put wrong start date! Not sure about meter as am due another utility company for the last house which was a massive listed building and had a aging gas boiler which got replaced so they may not let me unless the energy trust fund sends me out the form I requested to apply for assistance in clearing old bill...;

    I cant use log fire as dont have a fire or chimney! Was thinking of buying one of those ceramic heaters that ebuyer are selling but only time heating is on is between 7.30 and 9am and then agin 4:30 - 6pm and then i stick it on for an hour at around 10 pm once I start noticing its chilly even with my jacket one. Stay in Scotland in a rural village so its quite cold...Guess I need to locate the gas meter as i dont know where it is! And see what an average days meter usage isand then multiply by 90 and then by unit charge..?

    Will have to look into those links, see about insulation,and see if I can find any cheap stuff online cos hardware store in village (Actually its a city cos it has a cathedral!) is dear though maybe the small woolworths may have one? Pain in the butt not driving but dont think they let you take toddlers on driving lessons, even with the appropriate seat! Also need to contact Transco and find out who my energy suppliers are and contact them I guess - will try tomorrow as oldests cold is improving - she is only coughing during the night now - and my mum is visiting so can keep kids away from me and phone! Would use the mobile but stopped paying the bill as decided electricity was more important so god knows what they wwill say as i got a free PS3 off them and contract has 8 months to run but have sold the PS3 to pay for my deposit and rent till get lease in and approved by council!

    Anyway better have one last check of my mail and hit the sack!

    Bye for now...


    i was on a meter at my old place and was paying that sort of ammount which seemed ridiculous, when i checked in to it though, it was cos i owed some money to them so they upped the meter to collect it - if you can clear any arrears then i would try and request getting rid of that meter in favour of direct debits payments, i know thats difficult on income support with kids (been there!) but it saves a fortune when it comes to meters - talk to your landlord if the company won't remove the meter and explain it to him/her

    check [url][/url] they are a not for profit supplier and may be cheaper than your current provider if they are in your area



    check [url][/url] they are a not for profit supplier and … check [url][/url] they are a not for profit supplier and may be cheaper than your current provider if they are in your area

    Seconded, wasn't aware they were non profit, but their pre-payment rates are the same as non pre-payment so you would probably save by going to them.


    check [url][/url] they are a not for profit supplier and … check [url][/url] they are a not for profit supplier and may be cheaper than your current provider if they are in your area

    I'm with Ebico, They were pretty cheap when I joined them and also theirs no standing charge if your on a card payment metre.

    Recently the prices went up and I now use around £15 - £18 a week electric, Before I was only using £5 - £8 a week.

    Gas is pretty cheap Summer was using around £10 a week, Now only using around £5 - £8 a week.

    I'm in a little more often now due to weather and my wife having an operation, Perhaps that reflects the increase of electric.

    Avoid NPower at all cost, When I moved here their was someone else's dept on the gas metre, I was paying £7 a week off someone else's dept, It took them over 4 months to sort it out and I had to contact them about 100 times to sort it out. I wasn't aloud to join anyone else because of the dept and it really annoyed me.

    £25 is defo a bit to much, Change supplier if your landlord allows you too, Compare prices here ]http//ww…spx


    do not even consider using the electric to heat your home when you have GCH. Far more expensive.

    £7 electric in one day is incredible when its just for general items and oven. How did you measure that amount?

    Does your meter have a usage dial and a KWH reading?

    Try switching everything non-essential off and see how fast the dial spins. Maybe a neighbour has tapped into your supply!


    and make sure your electric company knows you are on income support as most have now introduced low income rates for pre-payment metering but you do have to apply for it.

    I pay around £100 a month for gas and electric - regularly changing through Quidco!

    sounds way too high. I'm paying £50 every 3 mths on token meter

    wow nikki, you've got a lot on your plate and a hard time by the sounds of it. i dont really have any more to add other than what been suggested, but i do work in the industry, so if you let me know what your current meter rates are, ill see if we can do 'em cheaper. economy seven tarriff which is cheaper over night, runs for seven hours from i think half past midnight to 7:30 or 1am to 8am. so programme electric items to run then if possible. but gas best for heating and sounds like you could do with insulation, so check links above ppl mentioned. thoughts are with you and best of luck.

    It does sound like you could be paying someone else's arrears. Does the meter take any money off as soon as you top it up?
    If you owe on your old gas company you can ask them to install a new pre payment meter in your new property with your arras on there and you can pay them off gradually.
    As for grants - you may be entitled to a warm front grant they can install a super efficient boiler and radiators, supply cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. This can be done if you are in a private rented property.

    I hope you get it all sorted but I suggest you get the electric changed into your own name asap.
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