electricity prices

    Ok i just got sent from eon a letter saying how my old price protection deal is coming to an end and how they are going to switch me to a R3 Price Protection deal upto 1 may 2011.
    I am looking at single fuel can pay direct debit and online.They are saying that there is a premium of 5.8%above the current standard prices around £2 per month for single electricity customers.
    The figures are excl vat 21.181 kwh inc vat 22.24kwh 225 kwh
    vat 10.633 11.165

    Has anyone else got or know of a better deal than this any useful help be greatly appreciated i never really looked into this b4 like with quidco,cashback etc


    You need to go to a comparason site m8, and use your annual consumption not what you pay a month.


    as said you need to go to comparison sites, and check everything and always best to tery and put in a years usage rather than a monthly amount
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