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Found 28th Dec 2008
sister pay's £80 a month via EDF prepayment meter

she lives in a 1 bed house with no central heating, she has a boiler for her hot water

got a few questions

1) should she switch her boiler off when not in use (i wasnt sure as her boiler is an old school boiler the type your mum had to switch on before you had a bath, so if its switched off and she needed to do the washing up etc would that mean there would be no hot water ??)

also she is looking to go on a direct debit, is there a compnay that say you pay x amount per month and for that you get x amount of electricity

as when i run a test on those sites who can compare for you, they always choose the pre-payment tarrif's and she can only save around £100 a year from the £960's she pays now

cheers for any help


Pre-paying is always dearer!
I'd say £80 is a lot!!!
Change through Quidco and get some cashback.
I've changed 3 times this year and got almost £200 cashback!!

Can you change it so regularly?
Is there no contract to stick to them for a specific time?

]ebico.co.uk will not charge any more for prepayment meter, if they operate in her area. It is run as a not for profit company.
"EquiPower provides electricity at the same rate per unit to all our customers within a distribution region. Your regional rate isn’t altered by how much you use or how you choose to pay, and there are no standing charges"

Original Poster

cheers tonyd19565 but i am 99% sure they where one i looked @ and rates per kwh where higher then edf as @ the moment she pays 012.11 pence per kwh i wonder if its related to her boiler being on 24/7


are you sure she has a boiler? Dont you meean the hot water tank has an electrical switch near it to heat the water via an internal thermostat?

you should always turn these off until you want HW.
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