Electricity usage monitor?

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Found 18th Jun 2007
Inspired by a recent £270 electricity bill and the fact that my parents seem to think the blame lies entirely with my PC and monitor (soon to be monitors, eep) I want to get one of those electricity monitor things that will record how much a device or whatever uses per hour.

Problem is, the only one I've found so far is on Amazon and it's around £60 which is quite a bit more than I was looking to spend

Don't care how fancy it is as long as it works, something that I can use on the electricity bar things too (the four way power bars) would be good so I could monitor it all at once.



£27 from Maplin:-

Plug-In Mains Power and Energy Monitor

• Measures voltage (V), amps (A), watts (W), volt-amps(VA), hertz (Hz) and power factor (PF)
• Great for seeing how much power your appliances are consuming
• Maximum current: 15A/ maximum power: 3750VA
• Large, clear LCD display

Reversed socket prevents cables getting trapped


You get those on ebay for a tenner occasionally.

As for your PC: unless it's got some humungous twin-8800 overclocked graphics card setup, it's likely to be averaging 100-200W (less if it downclocks automatically, hard disks switch off etc). CRT monitors are bad if you have them (mine is 150W!), but even a combined 300W is only about 2.5 pence an hour.
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