Electricity - using it through cables

    If any of you have Oral B toothbrushes that have a very odd charging mechanism that made you go 'WOW' when you saw it will know what I'm talking about.

    Also the electricity monitors that clamp on to the cables by your fuse box detect how much electricity you are using.

    With this in mind do you think it's possible to use the electricity before the meter from the cable without modification using just the clamps supplied with the electricity monitor?

    I know it's illegal...but hypothetically speaking.


    No, fraid not but like your thinking


    Yes it is, always has been. Induction is not a new theory!

    Getting a useful amount of power from AC household intake cables would require making them into a coil however - and these are thick, heavily insulated and generally armoured cables, not the easiest thing to twist. Just clamping to a cable you will struggle to generate more than a few milliwatt, not really all that useful! Also remember the cable+meter are the property of the electricity board and not the homeowner, so any tampering is a (pretty serious) criminal offence.

    Original Poster Banned


    so any tampering is a (pretty serious) criminal offence.

    The gypo's (modern age travellers) get away with it though? :w00t:


    The gypo's (modern age travellers) get away with it though? :w00t:

    Thought they were more into just stealing the copper wire straight from the substations.... :whistling:
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