Electrics on a 54 plate vw passat

Found 19th Oct 2010
My 54 plate vw passat all the electrics have gone down on it! Electric window, interior Lights,some of the lights on the dash such as Luggage compartment open or door open, Key's don't work, Best bit is I can't even get the Petrol cap open, as thats on a switch! Have to open it manually. At firt I thought it was the batttery in the key just before all these other faults were noticed, then VW said the key need re chipping, now they say iits the electrics, they tried too rechip the key manually but no joy! But honestly I said to them so worse case senerio, how much will it cost me? The answer is ------£2000 Now I feel sick as you can imaging, what do you think and what would you do. To be honest It's been a really good car till now,


A 54 plate? Get off to a good VAG specialist instead of a dealers! Dealers are all too often crap and like to replace bits for expensive new bits and charge you for it and keep on going on until you have replaced almost all the car and emptied your bank account.


Go to a VW forum and see if anyone else has had the same problem

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What's a VAG specialist? Yes I think VW are ripping me off! The cars only 5 years old!

Volkswagen Audi Group. They specialise in working on VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat cars.

My brothers' old beemer (e34 525) broke down with a similar fault and he got so hacked off with it that he got rid of it, and I would have had the car off him.
As soon as my dad mentioned to me that the car had been sold, I mentioned the main cable from the battery with an in-line fuse (not the fuse box though fuses in can look OK but still not work). My brother was not happy. It might not be this though I personally would try the smaller items first, but then I'm a right tight wad.

Then again it could be this: Comfort Control Module

Could be a blocked plenum chamber and the water could have made its way to the ECU.

First things first, check it and get it dry.

Drop a post onto our forum where one of our members will be able to help.




adp, any luck with the car?
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