Electronic cigarettes

has anybody tried one of these? im finding it very hard to quit smoking and just wondered if these were any good.


dont give up trying i gave up 3 monhs ago best thing ive done
try a keep yourself busy
it does get easier i promise just think of the benefits more money less weazin and coughing good luck
and stick with it

Does the electric shock put you off fags then or something? As your urge gets stronger and you resist the batteries, do they come with a mains adaptor?

Do the patches..I gave up 16 months ago and it is easier with them..Good Luck

Nope, can't beat the real thing... :thumbsup:

Seriously tho, don't fall into the trap after you've given up for a few months of thinking "I can have just one and I won't want another one", one is never enough. And give up drinking for at least 3 months, I always found I wanted one with a pint..

they taste like **** and don't work, the gum seems to work well.

i find the inhalor things work quite well - you get the hit at the back of your throat and a real cig and obviously the nicotine and feeling of something in your hands too
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