Electronic Dartboard Darts that don't constantly bounce off the board recommendations?

Posted 15th Jan 2023
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This board and dart set has caught my eye but some of the reviews complain about the darts regularly bouncing off the board or not sticking to it when thrown.

I thought to myself why don't I buy blunted steel tip ones to solve this problem?!? Then I realised they would probably cause a similar damage to the walls as normal steel tipped darts. Am I fighting a losing battle here? Or is it just about finding the heaviest soft tip darts I can find? eg probs max around 22g?
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    I was going to buy a granboard as they arr the best. But even they say 16g maybe 18g so I didn't bother.
    Surely you could just buy normal darts, unscrew the steel tips and replace them with soft tips??
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    Reviews also say that even bouncing off, it still registers the correct score.

    I got it during Christmas for my nephew. We played it during Christmas and darts did bounced off maybe 4/5 during 5-6 hours of play across 3 days (edited)
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    Just out of interest - why? Why not a normal board and darts. The rest seems like toys to me
    Yup, it’s a toy but good for teaching basics to kids also saves walls and floor. Plus slightly less risky than kids using metal tips. (edited)
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    Have you looked at getting a portable dart board? I did this when I was living in a rented property and didn't want to risk the walls. You also get the added advantage of playing with a proper board and not getting the frustrating issues you (and everyone else) will have experienced with soft tips.

    Obviously this is of no help if you actually want to play soft tip competitively but worth thinking about. I think a full, decent setup is bout £70/80.
    An interesting idea, thanks. But could you share an example of what you mean?
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