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Found 1st Oct 2006
hey folks looking to buy a keyboard desperately, just missed out one a brillant one on ebay for £44 all in, does anyone know of any shops or something to get a great learning keyboard, also look to use it at local concert!
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Hi feda16

It depends on what you want to use it for. Is it for a child or an adult? In my opinion, an adult using a cheapo keyboard can look like quite a sad affair.

The best entry-level keyboard, and by that I mean one that has proper teaching software that you can hook up to your laptop to download music and lessons would be the Yamaha PSR-295.

It has a touch-sensitive keyboard and has by far the best piano sounds of any keyboard in its price-range. If you compare a similarly price Casio keyboard then it would just make you laugh.

It'll cost around £140 delivered on the internet or £169 from the high-street, such as Woolworths (don't forget 10% HDUK voucher and 5% quidco to bring it down to £143.65).

This keyboard really isn't enough to learn proper piano on though. The cheapest electronic one for this would be the Yamaha YDP-131, but this is in the realms of £450.

Please let me know what you need it for and perhaps I can make some more recommendations.

hi tom, thanks for your reply its for me a 20 yr old adult, i would like something that sounds nice and aint cheesy, i get what yoursayin about having a cheapo keyboard for an adult, i think the very most i could afford is £100, but could save a few more weeks? thanks!"
Without being cheeky, saving the extra £40 would really pay dividends. Just take a visit into Toy-r-us and have a play on the Casio then the Yamaha. The Casio generates its piano sound whereas the Yamaha uses a multisample method taken from Yamahas own top of the range Grand Piano.

The difference is absolutely clear. Plus, the Yamaha connects by USB midi instead of normal midi and is plug and play. It's simply a better bit of kit.

It even looks more expensive.

If it came to it, you'd be better of getting a second-hand Yamaha for the same price as a new Casio. Most people will be selling it because they've got bored of it, or they are moving up in the world because of taking lessons and need something with a full 88 keys.

But with an item like this, the only thing to do is go and check it out for yourself.

Have fun!
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