Electronical engineering

    reverse car parking circuit. need help with a circuit. this is the circuit but I need help modifying it changing resistor values etc any help would be gratefully appreciated


    Number 5?

    Good job your not being vague?

    Original Poster

    What's wrong with values? Does it not work?

    I think you need a new flux capacitor!

    What do you what to modify exactly?
    Do you understand how the circuit works?

    Need more information!

    Would be easier just to get an cheap Arduino clone or similar, a sensor and buzzer.
    Easier to wire, can be programmed to your specifics and a hell of a lot of expandability.

    Put some gaffer tape on it?

    Electronical? Is that a word?


    Depends on why you're adjusting the values.

    Looks a bit over complicated for a parking sensor circuit.

    Try this…tor
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